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This week’s question is from Marcia in Los Angeles: “What tips do you have for families traveling during the holidays? It’s already hard to budget for the gifts I buy for my family and friends. My husband and I are both from the East Coast, so the cost of flying across the country with our young children every year leaves us financially wiped out by January. What can we do?”

Our tips

Traveling with kids? Think about what various perks are worth to you. According to NerdWallet’s 2019 holiday travel report, 44% of families traveling with kids under 18 would choose a hotel for its price over its amenities. Keep in mind that some amenities, such as a free breakfast buffet, could save you more than choosing a no-frills hotel and feeding the kids at a restaurant.

Holiday travel debt is common; know how to manage it. More than 2 in 5 Americans said they would rather go into debt than not see their family during the holidays. If you go this route, know your options to pay off debt.

Consider rescheduling your holidays. If you can move when you celebrate the holidays with your family to another time of the year, you can save hundreds on flights to see them.

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