Kevin and Johnna Vaughan donated a piano to the Linda Kerley Senior Center.

Photo courtesy Town of Collierville

Linda Kerley Center regulars and visitors can now make beautiful music together, thanks to a generous Collierville couple.

The Board of Mayor and Alderman approved the donation of a spinet piano to the Linda Kerley Senior Center at their regular meeting on September 10. The piano was donated by Collierville residents Kevin and Johnna Vaughan.

The Town’s only cost was around $300 to have the piano moved and tuned, and to make a small repair to the music holder stand. Wayne Warren, who is the Director of Collierville’s Harrell Theatre, said the piano is in good shape and great for the Kerley Center.

The Town’s Recreation Coordinator Lisa Gaither said the piano will be placed in the large activity room and used for future entertainment and instructional programs. “It’s also available to those who would like to come and play for their own enjoyment,” said Gaither.

She said the piano is usually available between 3 and 4 p.m., but to call first and make sure it isn’t being used for an event

The Linda Kerley Senior Center is located at the North entrance of 176 College St., and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. There are always scheduled activities on the calendar, in addition to the games and other resources which are available for use. Call 457-2769 for more information.