A resident in one of two Collierville neighborhoods historically plagued by flooding issues recently expressed gratitude toward efforts that the town has made prevent future drainage dilemmas.

On Monday night, the public was invited to discuss progress made with the $2.3 million Community Development Block Grant administered through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

The town recently completed the drainage improvements in the Alcorn/Harris area, the Friendship Hurdle area and the box culvert at Sycamore Road.

The drainage improvements focused on two areas, one of which is the Alcorn Village neighborhood, Friendship Cove and Hurdle Drive area.

William Boone, who lives on Halley Street just north of Hurdle, said his neighbors are pleased with the drainage work that has been done and praised the job done by Town Engineer Dale Perryman.

“This has been a long time coming,” he told members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. “We’ve seen a huge difference in everything that has been done down on Halley. We haven’t seen any flood problems.”

Boone called Perryman “one of the best guys you can work with in Collierville.”

“He’s right on point,” he added.

Noting that he helped bring attention to the matter by getting involved with town staff, Boone said many of his neighbors “didn’t know where to go.”

“They were standing on their porches,” he said, “hoping and praying that water wouldn’t come into their houses. Thank you for the grant.”

The drainage improvements consisted of installing a large drain pipe in existing open drainage ditches. These are able to take on more water volume and provide more effective flood control. The open 

ditches were also filled in over the pipe to create a safer drainage system and reduce the maintenance required. Open drainage ditches require mowing and routine cleaning out of debris. However, the newly constructed closed system does not need the same level of maintenance.

New drainage inlets were installed along Echo Cove, Harris Cove, West Street, Friendship Cove and Hurdle Drive. Inlets collect stormwater from streets and other surfaces to transition the flow of stormwater into the Town’s stormwater network. The town started the $1.3 million drainage improvements in the Alcorn Village neighborhood in July and construction lasted about 90 days.

To the east of Alcorn Village, the town addressed more flooding issues with Phase II of the drainage improvements designed to drain the downtown area. Components of the project began with replacing the box culvert at Sycamore and South Street with a larger capacity box culvert. Box culverts drain high volumes of water and can handle a higher flow rate than pipes.

Additional flooding improvements included a newly designed drainage system comprised of both open ditch and covered pipe.