City passes six-month moratorium on future apartments

City officials have again voted to halt new applications for single-use apartment developments.

Members of the Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted Monday night to a six-month moratorium on new apartments.

Last January, the Board adopted a resolution to place an 18-month moratorium on new apartment building developments in Smart Code zoning districts. The purpose of the moratorium was to allow time for the city to study the likely impacts and nature of any future apartments.

This May, city staff presented a 355-page report to the board to determine the impact of apartments on city services. The report focused on “four key areas of concentration,” including infrastructure, police, fire and the city’s school district.

“An extensive amount of residential data pertaining to Germantown public safety call volume and residential student enrollment figures in the (school system) was used to project the future impact of apartments and other residential types of city services through 2028,” said Patrick Lawton, city administrator.

The previous moratorium expired on Jul 8 and a series of work sessions were held to determine how the city would proceed. Going forward, city staff will work with the Planning Commission to determine “policy modifications.”