Here's a look back at what made headlines in Collierville’s past, including some predictions made six decades ago that have come to fruition.  

Feb. 5, 1959 

Speaking to the Collierville Rotary Club, O.C. Dean, a Rotarian and members of the Shelby County Court, spoke about the city’s future in the next five to 10 years. Dean suggested a study of the extension of the town’s limits and the possible ownership of a gas and electric system. Additionally, he told his fellow Rotarians as the City of Memphis grows, school finance would likely become a municipal responsibility and that the county hoped to have the proposed new Collierville school by Oct. 15.  

Here are clips from other decades of Herald headlines. 

PO2 James Edward Roberts

Feb. 5, 2009 

PO2 James Edward Roberts returns from a one-year deployment in Iraq. He was awarded the Bronze Star for determining the location of an IED before it exploded. 

CHS 1999 National Pom Pon Champions

Feb. 4, 1999

The Collierville High School pom squad wins a national championship. “It’s kind of like the Superbowl of pom pon,” said Collierville assistant principal Herchel Burton. The squad competed in Orlando, Fla. against 134 other teams.

Collierville Elementary second grade feeding goats

Feb. 2, 1989 

The widening of Poplar Avenue is expected to be on the agenda at the next meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization in May. Poplar narrows in Collierville after Hwy. 72 branches off from Poplar to the southeast. 

Feb. 1, 1979

The milk price war that’s hit Memphis has not yet reached Collierville. Seemingly affecting half gallons, some grocers have reduced the price, which they call ridiculous, down to 89 cents. Grocers say the $2.15 price on milk is too high and many are selling them for $1.89. 

Feb. 5, 1969 

Population is on the increase in Collierville as there is a sudden boom in building being accelerated by an urgent demand for housing and a push for population in this area of the county. 

Feb. 3, 1949 

A tragic train accident at the Byhalia Road crossing took the life of Fletcher Ferguson, Collierville’s only blacksmith. Ferguson, 47, was driving a car which was hit by a Southern Railway freight train. The paper reported the engineer told deputies he didn’t see the car until the collision but blew his whistle and sounded his bell as he approached the crossing. Ferguson’s vehicle was dragged 170 feet along the track.