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Students huddle together to discuss strategy during the school-wide kickball tournament at CMS.

The open enrollment period for Collierville Schools will be open until Feb. 19. 

Due to limited availability, the only new applications the system is considering will be those from employees of Collierville Schools or those families with students already enrolled for the 2019-20 school year. 

Tara Oaks, Sycamore and Schilling Farms elementary schools will be the only available schools, the system said. 

Students currently on a transfer to one of the Collierville Schools received a notice last month to provide information about maintaining transfer status.

A year ago, the system implemented a tuition fee for transfer students, charging $400 per year for students outside of Collierville and $4,000 per year for those outside of Shelby County. 

Of this year’s 524 transfers, 495 live outside of Collierville and 29 outside of Shelby County.

In December, the system announced $314,000 in revenue from the transfer fee – $198,000 from Shelby County students and $116,000 from those outside Shelby County. 

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