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Bailey Station at Poplar

At Monday’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen potential slowdowns at Poplar and Bailey Station due to new construction were discussed. 

Town engineer Dale Perryman shared the projected traffic volumes the 60-lot Villages at Strathmore subdivision would have on traffic at Bailey Station and Poplar.

“Homeowners have asked how the intersection of Bailey Station and Poplar would function after (it) went in,” Perryman told the board. “The developer’s proposing to go ahead and complete the three lanes on Bailey Station and when this is done the northbound traffic will increase wait time a little bit and the southbound will decrease a little bit.”

Currently, there is a 40.9 second per vehicle delay northbound and 44.9 second delay southbound on Bailey Station.

Perryman showed the board charts and maps detailing what he suggests will be the changes in traffic to the area. He said they are “nearly identical” to current delays.

“Delays will be similar (to) what is currently being experienced,” said Perryman. “The new delays are with full buildout of the area, including future development tracts. Five approaches to the intersection wait time will increase with a max of six seconds while three approaches will decrease with a max of 11.7 seconds.”

The areas that will notice the biggest differences will be those traveling on Poplar in the afternoons and evenings where the wait time is expected to increase to 5.7 seconds per vehicle in the westbound lane and 4.8 seconds in the eastbound lane. 

In the mornings, the westbound lane of Poplar is expected to see a 2.8-second wait and the northbound lane of Bailey Station will see a 3.3-second wait.

After the buildout, the eastbound lane of Poplar will be decreased to a .9 second wait time in the afternoon, Perryman suggested. The trade-off, he said, is the southbound lanes will decrease to 11.7 seconds in the morning and 2.6 seconds in the evenings. 

The delay for the northbound traffic cannot be decreased until improvements are done to the intersection, the city said. 

The three-phase development was approved by the board. It will be located near the intersection, south of Bailey Station Elementary, and will be the first gated 55-and-older community in Collierville.