Playing on sidewalk

On Monday night, the board of mayor and aldermen approved a two-lot development at Burrows Road and waived sidewalks at the property as well. 

According to town engineer Dale Perryman, the owners are concerned about flooding on the west side of the property, due to not having a roadside ditch, and plan to re-grade it. They have asked for a waiver of sidewalks because there will not be enough room for both sidewalks and a drainage ditch. 

“There are two options,” said Perryman during his presentation to the board. “Either the board can completely waive sidewalks or it can request a payment-in-lieu-of sidewalks.” 

Alderman Billy Patton made the motion to waive the fee, telling vice mayor Maureen Fraser he didn’t think sidewalks were needed at the property.

“If I thought that property needed to have sidewalks down it, then they should have to pay for it but I was looking at it objectively,” said Patton. “I would think all the way to the stadium … only on White Road is there a small wraparound of that sidewalk all the way to the stadium, which is what, a mile and a half, two miles. I don’t think they should have to incur the burden.”

Mayor Stan Joyner pointed out a precedent had recently been set with two other nearby homes.

“There are two brand new houses that are on the north end of this street that we didn’t require sidewalks on as well.”

The 1.25-acre property is owned by Petrauskas Capital LLC.