tax free

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has announced the dates for Tennessee’s annual sales tax holiday.

Shoppers can save nearly 10 percent on more than 150 different items, including clothing, school supplies, and computers, from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 26, until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 28, according to a news release.

The holiday weekend isn’t just for students and Tennesseans. Anyone who wants to shop in Tennessee during the last weekend of July will be eligible to save on sales tax.

“The sales tax holiday means hard-earned dollars go back into the hands of Tennessee families,” Governor Bill Lee said in the release. “We encourage everyone to participate and take advantage of the savings during what can be an expensive time of year.”

State and local taxes will NOT be collected on exempt items that cost $100 or less per item, or computers that cost $1,500 or less. A full list of tax-exempt items can be found at

What you need to know at a glance: 

Who can buy tax-exempt clothing? 

• Anyone (not just students) can buy clothing that qualifies

What clothing is tax-exempt? (meaning NO TAX will be charged) 

• General apparel that costs $100 or less per item (shirts, pants, jackets, socks, shoes, dresses, etc.) 

• Items that are normally sold together, such as shoes, cannot be split up to stay beneath the $100 threshold.

What clothing is still taxable? 

• Apparel that costs more than $100. 

• Items such as jewelry, handbags, or sports and recreational equipment 

• Items purchased for business or trade use 

Who can buy tax-exempt school supplies? 

• Anyone (not just students) can buy school supplies that qualify 

What school supplies are tax-exempt? (NO TAX charged) 

• School and art supplies with a purchase price of $100 or less per item, such as binders, books, backpacks, crayons, paper, pens, pencils, and rulers, and art supplies such as glazes, clay, paints, drawing pads, and artist paintbrushes 

• Items that are normally sold together cannot be split up to stay beneath the $100 threshold 

What school supplies are still taxable? 

• School and art supplies individually priced at more than $100 

• Items purchased for business or trade use

Who can buy tax-exempt computers? 

• Anyone (not just students) can buy computers that qualify 

What computer items are tax-exempt? (NO TAX charged) 

• Computers with a purchase price of $1,500 or less. This includes laptops as well as tablets (iPads, etc.)

• Computers for personal (not business) use 

What computer parts are still taxable? 

• Computer parts, like keyboards and monitors, when not sold with a CPU 

• Storage media, like flash drives and compact discs. 

• Individually purchased software

• Video game consoles 

• Computer printers and supplies 

• Electronic readers (Kindles, Nooks, etc.) and personal digital assistants.

• Cell phones, including smart phones