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Here’s look back at what made headlines in The Collierville Herald over the years.

Boy Scouts 1959

Jan. 29, 1959

Boy Scout Troop 50 staged a roadblock on Poplar Avenue, near the stoplight, for the March of Dimes. Pictured are Paul Hart, Barton Haynes, Larry Gretzinger, John Goodwin, Ernest Cummings, David March, Harold Joyner, Taylor Stamps, Dennis Joyner and Don Snow. The vehicle belongs to Mrs. Annette Jowers.

Jan. 29, 1969

Weinstein and Company, Collierville’s oldest store closes its doors. Owners Herbert Lehman and Ruth Weinstein said they were ready to take life easier. Weinstein’s parents, Clara and Aaron Weinstein, opens the dry goods store in 1899. It moved to Mulberry Street in 1910.

Feb. 1, 1979

Sales tax is reflecting the city’s growth and progress. Receipts from the last two quarters of 1978 have equaled or exceeded that of Germantown, even though Germantown has one-and-a-half times the population.