Marc Pendley started working in the Finance Department at the Town of Collierville (TOC) in 1994, shortly after he earned his CPA. Having received his accounting degree at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, Pendley had already worked with a small accounting firm and for Terminix. Working for the TOC was his first experience with governmental accounting.

Fortunately, Pendley said he had the very best training and leadership: then Finance Director Jane Bevill and recently hired Town Administrator James Lewellen.

The Town’s population was only around 19,000 at that time, and the TOC employee roster numbered only around 200. So, Pendley has seen the Town more than double in size in the 25 years he’s worked here, and he’s seen his job change as a result of that growth. When he started with the Town, his job title of “accountant” was new to the department, and he oversaw both revenue and expenditure accounting. Today he is one of two Accounting Managers with revenue and expenditure duties divided between the two of them.

Pendley is happy with the work he’s chosen; he feels its within his nature to work with numbers and keep track of how things add up to the big picture. But he knows job suitability isn’t the only factor in a good fit.

“If you work somewhere 25 years, you have to like the people you work with,” said Pendley. “We have good quality people.”

Pendley said he is proud to be a part of the Town of Collierville and notes that though Collierville has grown a lot over the years, the leadership of the Town has done a great job of achieving their goal of welcoming growth while maintaining a small-town feel.