On Aug. 23, members of William Craig Hall’s family unveiled a judicial portrait of the the late Collierville Municipal Judge. Memories of Hall were shared by family, friends, and colleagues in the courtroom, where the judge served for 35 years.

At the close of the ceremony, Mayor Stan Joyner asked the Aldermen to join him for a special called meeting where he read a resolution naming the courtroom the “William Craig Hall Courtroom.”

“Craig Hall’s integrity, values, and leadership transcended the walls of the Collierville Courthouse into the community where he was well respected and admired. A lifelong resident of Collierville and public servant to the community, he has a legacy that will continue beyond his passing on Dec. 3, 2018. This courtroom shall be a reminder of William Craig Hall’s legacy and from this day forward shall be called the ‘William Craig Hall Courtroom,’” announced Joyner.

Hall was elected as the Municipal Judge of Collierville in 1983.

Hall’s vision and guidance for the court’s growth was instrumental in the opening of the Collierville Municipal Courthouse in 2010.

Hall’s dedication and expertise in his field led to the development of

prominent programs in the court system including the Juvenile Offender