town hall

Town employees could potentially see a raise in the next fiscal year. 

During a Feb. 7 work session, town administrator James Lewellen solicited feedback as well as at the priorities for the board of mayor and aldermen for the upcoming budget.

After Lewellen presented early projections and probable budget scenarios, vice mayor Maureen Fraser and alderman John Stamps wanted to address employee compensation. 

Lewellen presented a concept for funding a 6 percent raise for employees, which effectively provides for a 3 percent raise plus the 3 percent raise they did not receive during the current budget cycle. 

Compensating employees in a way that aligns with the current market standards was discussed. Lewellen said the town’s capital needs for the next two fiscal years is minor and the budget could be balanced using surplus funds not spent during the budget year or one-time funds otherwise used to fund capital projects.

The town would also like to add five additional police officers in the draft of its budget.

Alderman Billy Patton suggested the town also needed to create a 14-18-year paving schedule.

Before ending the session, Lewellen also opened discussion regarding the E-Plex landfill odor issues and way to remedy the problem. The board would like to proceed with enforcing the issue.

The board announced Friday it will host three more budget work sessions in March: March 7, March 21 and March 28. Each will take place at 2 p.m. in the administrative conference room at Town Hall, 500 Poplar View Parkway.