Town to annex 9 properties to the south

Collierville will likely absorb nine residential and agricultural properties to the south of the town.

On Monday night, Board members unanimously approved the annexation, zoning and plan of services for nearly 112 acres along the east and west sides of Quinn Road just south of town limits.

If approved on final reading during the July 22 meeting, the properties will be annexed and zoned on July 31.

“Many of them want to be in the Town of Collierville for our schools,” Town Planner Jaime Groce said of the property owners.

Each of the nine properties is inside the Collierville Reserve Area. Four of the properties are vacant and agricultural in nature. The others are single family properties. The vision for the annexed property is for it to be a rural residential neighborhood.

Groce said the town will benefit from the annexation because it will absorb nearly 6 acres of Quinn Road, which is important to determining the future of the neighboring and still pending Quinn Ridge Development.

“Probably the most important thing for the town is getting control of the right-of-way,” he noted.

When Alderman Tom Allen asked how soon the town would be required to provide water to the annexed property, he was told that the town had a window of two-to-three years to extend the service.

Groce further said that all of the properties are currently using wells and septic tanks.